I am a Canadian Artist who has worked in Ottawa Valley region for the past 30 years. I prefer working in a realistic manner.  That provides me the biggest challenge and gives me  the most satisfaction.  I have drawn all my life. A day without being creative, is like a day without sunshine!!

My mediums of choice are acrylic painting, and lately, colored pencils.  I like dabbling in other mediums as well, but those are my favorites.

I do custom work such as painting family members of the past or present, historical sites, pets, animals and much more.

I appeared on CTV’s Regional Contact in April 2011. To see this show, (approximately 11 minutes long), please click on this: Jelly’s Video

I have exhibited widely in the Valley in Galleries, Museums, and art fairs. Currently, my work is available through my facebook page, this website, and by email.

In August 2019, i became a signature member of the Colored Pencil Community of Australasia.  A milestone reached.

Commission work is always welcome.

Contact me if you have any questions or email me a photo you are considering having made into a painting or a drawing and I’ll give you a price!!